General Repositories and Reference

The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
The single largest data archive in the United States for political sciecne data, housed at the University of Michigan.

Richard Tuckerís Political Science Data Resources
This site provides a wealth of links to publication related data used in all the sub-fields of the political science.

Paul Henselís Data Resources
A collection of data resources primarily related to the study of international relations.

This site is a one-stop resource for cross-country political, economic, and demographic data sets. It is designed so that one can retrieve all or part of pre-existing datasets, and also combine variables from multiple sources.

EUGene Home Page
EUGene serves as a data management tool for creating data sets for use in the quantitative analysis of international relations; with the country-year, directed-dyad-year, non-directed-dyad-year, and directed-dispute-dyad-year as the unit of analysis.

Specific Projects

Correlates of War Project
Singer, J. David, and Melvin Small. CORRELATES OF WAR PROJECT: INTERNATIONAL AND CIVIL WAR DATA, 1816-1992. (updated through 1992)

Polity IV Project
Jaggers, Keith and Ted Robert Gurr. 2000. POLITY IV: Regime Change and Political Authority, 1800-1999. An ongoing project to measure polity characteristics for just about every country in the international system.

Democracy, Interdependence, International Organizations and Peace
Data related to the relationship between economic interdependence and international conflict.

Intranational Political Interactions Project
This scaled events data can be used to calculate the volume and intensity of political conflict and cooperation within the domestic polity. IPI gives scholars the ability to track interactions among social groups and between the state and social groups.

International Crisis Behavior Project
The project contains systematic data about more than 400 crises, thirty-one protracted conflicts and almost 900 state participants.

The United Nations Affinity Data Project
This data capture the similarity of foreign policy positions based on votes and resolutions by recorded or roll-call vote at the UN General Assembly (between 1946 and 1996).

Taxonomy of Violent Conflict
This project is the assembly of a dataset of all recorded violent conflicts in the world since 1400 AD in which more than 32 people were killed. On 28 October 1999 the dataset contained 3,213 violent conflicts.

The Issue Correlates of War
Unrelated to the Correlates of War at the University of Michigan, ICOW collects a variety of data in different sets concerning international organization membership, explicit claims involving cross-border freshwater resources such as rivers or lakes, maritime claims, focusing on explicit claims involving fishing rights, exclusive economic zones, and similar topics, regime-based claims, and a variety of other issues.

Militarized Interstate Disputes Data
Daniel M. Jones, Stuart A. Bremer and J. David Singer (1996) ."Militarized Interstate Disputes, 1816-1992: Rationale, Coding Rules, and Empirical Patterns." Conflict Management and Peace Science, 15(2): 163:213. This project compiles data on conflicts short of war that involve threats, overt displays, and uses of force. The paper cited above explains the data and coding procedures.

Kansas Event Data System (KEDS)
The Kansas Event Data System uses automated coding of English-language news reports to generate political event data.

International Trade Data
Kathy Barbieriís International Trade data contains both total trade and bilateral trade data for COW states from 1870-1992.

Penn World Tables
A variety of economic time series of use to researchers in a host of areas. The Penn World Tables currently comprise data for 152 countries and 29 subjects.

General Data Search Engines

UCSDís Web Data Search Engine
Includes assorted links to political data from commercial, publicly archived, and government sources.

Worldwide Social Science Data Archives
Links a host of national data archives and other sources together in one interactive map.